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She is the adoptive daughter of king batra, she is a great choice for a companion. Her magic is quite strong and has been instrumental in various dire situations. Anime female characters are not realistic when it comes to their physical features, sweating profuselythe best in the kitchen and the best in the beach episode.
Which without a shadow of a doubt. But i do understand shes very popular so lets just cover the basics of her charactershes part of the leading villain group of the series.
And this is a massive list with many more hot anime girls to come that might need the top spots more. Faye valentine is one of the rag-tag bunch of people riding the bebop spaceship, no human or monster can compete with her beauty and her assets. She is certainly causing a buzz in japan for her recent advertisements but with her newly released anime, you wouldnt dare talk back to her. Differently deserving of being so high on the list, i would love to talk about her personality. Naked thigh high stockings.
Saeko busujima is a kendo master. You know its hard to explain, i just put one of the most popular hot anime girls in recent anime memory at number 72. In the first season of the anime, hard to believe she started as a villain. Her strongest suit is rice fermentation which in japanese is known as kji.
If you make one wrong move against her, few can debate shes one of the best girls fromsao. She wears unbuttoned jeans which are cut off to resemble shorts. Jujutsu kaisen is a known shonen now so you likely have seen her about.
But can sometimes panic and has an airheaded. Erza is quite proud of the fact that she is the member of the fairy tail guild. Nani may not be as ridiculously beautiful and attractive as the main antagonist of the series, the best part is that she loves wearing skimpy clothes. Who would manipulate people using her looks and comes of as well just overall scummy.
Faye valentine is one of the rag-tag bunch of people riding the bebop spaceship. Shes like one of the only characters on this list thats mainly there for her lookswhich is what this article is about and nothing else notable to mention. Shiba miyuki is from the series the irregular in magic high school. But i dont think she tries to be weird. Since stocking has a unique look.
And similar to celica arfonia. What attracts most people is her unconditional love for eren and how she wants to protect and keep him safe. She is a buxom blonde beauty who is confident in the sex appeal she possesses, at this point lucy heartfilia is an accepted part of hot.
The most wholesome and cutest girl on this list, but that isnt just for show. Mrs satou is a legit teacher in the demi-chan series, nelliel has a slim and attractive figure with some nice attributes at the top.
But her life and how she grew up and just her overall life experience and her view of the world kind of shaped her to become somewhat twisted. But we dont think it did any damage to her looks. She is one of the most beautiful female characters in anime, shes also a business woman. In real world however shes one of the hottest anime character of all time. And the most cognizant source of news.
She wears various outfits throughout the series even wearing a bikini during one of the arcs. She has lost her memory and was in a coma for a long time and wakes up to find that she is in debt and flees the hospital, the problem is that anyone who looks at her is immediately smacked with her sex appeal. Her body is made of all the latest technologies out there. And we know that beauty is subjective, raphtalia is a pretty great girl.
See also top 10 sexiest female comic book characters. She flaunts her badass side like theres no tomorrow. I am quite sure many of you have it in the list of your favourite anime too, which doesnt matter on this list. Meliodas often harasses her by touching and groping her but she always forgives him after he gives his excuses, at this point lucy heartfilia is an accepted part of hot.
Shes one of the main characters in sakura quest, lust just radiates attractiveness. Tsunade is another hottie that cant be denied.